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Numbering Our Days

In Moses’ Psalm, Psalm 90, he prays, “[Lord], teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (verse 12). What an apt prayer by the leader of Israel!

Moses had seen many days. He had spent time as a child in a devout Hebrew household until he was weaned. Then there had been heady days in the Pharaoh’s house learning the culture and ways of Egypt. There had been the 40 years in exile where he met his wife, took care of his father-in-law’s sheep, had his sons, and encountered and was commissioned by the God of Israel. There had been the days where he gathered the children of Israel together and appealed to Pharaoh for their release. There had been the time spent in the Pharaoh’s court where God’s power was displayed to the nobility and people of Egypt. There had been the wondrous deliverance time of Israel. He had passed through the Red Sea on dry land, seen bitter waters made sweet. Moses had traversed the wilderness with over 1 million people. During his travels he had personal visitations with God, received the Law, and been given a pattern for God’s house. God had revealed Himself to Moses and the people with him through many miraculous signs and the daily provision of angels’ food—manna.

It was this same Moses who prayed that he would have an appreciation for every day that the Lord granted him, that he might gain a heart of wisdom. Moses realized that in every season of life there is a special lesson from God and a divine purpose.

Most people live their lives never appreciating the season they are in presently. They live their lives anticipating future, wishing each day and week to pass quickly. Others live their lives in retrospect, mourning the days that are past, though they never appreciated those past days when they were in them. With these attitudes they miss the glory and divine moments of the present. Today God is with us. Today God is teaching us great things … today.

The psalms urge us that today is the day we are to be alert to the Lord’s voice speaking to us. We are to live today to the fullest in Christ Jesus. Today we are to appreciate the people in our lives. Today we are to appreciate the circumstances that God has us in. Today we are to glean the lessons that are ours.

I have passed through many seasons already. It hardly seems possible that I am already experiencing the empty nest. Just days ago, it would seem, I had my first child. Just last week I had a busy household filled with shrill young voices and constant activity. Just yesterday I was picking up my children from elementary school and working with them on projects due the next day … Just yesterday…

Yet today, as you and I walk with Jesus, the day is radiant with promise and divine moments. How do we catch every moment? We must join with Moses in praying, Lord, teach us to number our days so that we might gain a heart of wisdom. Ask God to give you open eyes to behold Him today. Ask for open ears to hear His voice speaking to you today in your circumstances. Finally, ask the Lord for an open heart to appreciate and embrace the day, the moment, the season that He has given you right now. Tomorrow comes upon us all too quickly and yesterday is past. So embrace today as your gift from the Father of lights.