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My grandson Cade (who was 5 years old at writing) is always seeing rainbows. Cade finds rainbows in city street puddles, garden sprinklers, car windows, dewdrops on leaves, diamond rings, and other such things. He never seems to miss a rainbow.

Cade has a teenage uncle, who in Cade’s mind is always stealing the magic from the rainbow. His uncle wants to explain the scientific reason for the colorful prisms that appear on ordinary things. Cade wants nothing to do with this robbery. He wants to savor the magic. It is not a prism to Cade. It is rainbow.

Back in the time of Noah, after the great flood, God gave to man a promise by way of the rainbow. God’s promise was salvation. Every rainbow is a reminder of the promises of God. It is a sign of His faithfulness, His veracity, His power, His justice.

Some people, like Cade, see God’s promises in every aspect of life. There are no ordinary events. Every common circumstance is infused with the promises of God. All of life, to these individuals, is rich with the magic of God.

Others explain away these phenomena with scientific explanations and mathematical probabilities. They see only the sun’s rays shining upon dirty water. They miss the rainbow.

Looking at the two, right or wrong, I would rather be like Cade. I want the eyes of a child to see the glory of God’s promises, even in the dirty puddles of life.