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Author: Cheryl Brodersen

On this episode of Living Grace, Cheryl interviews one of her oldest friends, Rose. 30 years ago, God pressed on Rose and her husband's heart to serve in missions after 30 years of living an established life at home. They

In this episode of Living Grace, Cheryl interviews Marta Patten who is a missionary in Israel with her husband, Don. Together they have lived in several countries, sharing the Gospel and ministering to people across the globe. Although they have had

In this episode of Living Grace, Cheryl interviews Melinda Turansky and discusses the beauty in redemption as she recounts her childhood and raising her own children. No matter your own past, faith in Jesus brings amazing redemption and transformation. Melinda, along with

Like so many others, so much of Pamela's testimony involves her family and more specifically, her marriage. She came from a background of love and compassion but soon found herself the wife of an assertive police officer with two small children, Pamela

Laura Jackson has been a faithful staff member here at CCCM for many years. She’s a wife, mother and grandmother and has a passion for her family and serving the Lord with her many talents. In her interview today she