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Jasmine Alnutt: Discovering the Impact of Missionaries & Martyrs

From Polycarp in the second century to Elizabeth Fry of the nineteenth century and Gladys Aylward of the twentieth century, many men and women have dedicated their lives to serve the Lord in inspiring  ways. Cheryl Brodersen discusses the impact of historical Christian missionaries, martyrs and activists  with Jasmine Alnutt, who teaches on church history, and the powerful messages they have left.

Equally through their failures and triumphs, their stories remind us that it is about God using us despite our human frailty. Do you feel like your failures cancel any use the Lord may have for you? Do you desire to serve Him but are afraid that God might send you to a place you do not want to go? Be encouraged that God will use you according to the desires He has placed in your heart as He promises in Psalm 37:4. We only need to keep our focus on Him.