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Jeanne Willette: Support for those with Special Needs Children

On this episode of “Living Grace,” Jeanne Willette shares with Cheryl Brodersen about a new ministry called Limitless. This ministry has been created for families with special needs children. Parents oftentimes feel so overwhelmed and alone, since it is hard for people to understand the situation and relate.

Jeanne explains that Limitless seeks to provide support, prayer and resources for these families. She emphasizes prayer to fight against any spiritual warfare and conflict, but Jeanne reminds us that the name of Jesus breaks through every chain. There are no bounds or “limits” on Jesus, which is the inspiration of the ministry’s name. 

Limitless is in the process of preparing a room at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for special needs children, so parents can drop their children off in a safe environment while they enjoy the church services in the Main Sanctuary. If you are a parent of a special needs child or know someone who would be interested in Limitless, visit, contact the church office at Calvary Chapel Cost Mesa (714) 979-4422 or contact Jeanne at