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Is it the world? Is it our own flesh? Is it the devil? From where does this propensity for dullness come? I find myself every morning, every day, having to fight against a dullness that wants to infiltrate my soul and dim the reality of spiritual truth.

  • Dullness to fulfilled prophecy
  • Dullness to the power of the living Word
  • Dullness to the needs of people
  • Dullness to the advantage of prayer
  • Dullness to the extravagance of worship
  • Dullness to the glory of fellowship
  • Dullness to the call of God
  • Dullness to the proclamation of God’s Word 

Dullness can stem from duty. Even the disciples grew dull to the reality of God in the flesh walking with them. At the last supper, they argued amongst themselves as to who would be the greatest. They sought to keep the children from the arms of Jesus, in their efficiency. Maybe we, like the disciples, who were caught up in the administration and duties of discipleship, can also become dull when walking with Jesus becomes a “job” rather than a “joy.” 

Could it be that the cares of this life, the desires for other things, and the deceitfulness of riches are also the tools of dullness?

Whatever the cause, it is our sworn enemy, and we must daily wage war against this tendency. Dullness can lead us to compromise or lull us into complacency. It can keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised. 

We know that there is no dullness in heaven. The seraphim never tire of praising God nor do the elders grow complacent on their thrones. Does tossing their crowns upon the sea ever become formulated? I think not!

So, what is the antidote to dullness? How can we fight again this enemy? By taking up the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God; by storming the gates of heaven through prayer and fellowship; and by worshiping unreservedly our great King. May these things never lose their vitality.